Why "Bodhi"?

Meaningful, purposeful and balanced technology.


The achievements of humanity are impressive and undeniable. We have created sublime works of music, literature, painting, architecture, and sculpture. More recently, science and technology have brought about radical changes in the way we live and have enabled us to do and create things that would have been considered miraculous even two hundred years ago. No doubt: The human mind is highly intelligent. Yet its very intelligence is tainted by madness. Science and technology have magnified the destructive impact that the dysfunction of the human mind has upon the planet, other life forms, and upon humans themselves.

Our times and the history of the twentieth century is where this dysfunction - this collective insanity - can be most clearly recognised. This dysfunction is intensifying and accelerating. We only need to watch the daily news on television to realise this. Widespread violence inflicted for religious and ideological reasons, destructive and cruel wars, domination of the masses by tremendous powers is normal in our age. Humans are inflicting violence on and unprecedented scale on other humans, other life­forms and the planet itself – ravaging of lives of hundreds of millions through wars, destruction of oxygen ­producing forests, man-made extinction of plant and animal life; ill­-treatment of animals in factory farms; and poisoning of rivers, oceans, and air.


Driven by greed, ignorant of their connectedness to the whole, humans persist in behaviour that, if continued unchecked, can only result in their own destruction.


We are faced with a radical crisis. The old way of being in the world, of interacting with each other and with nature doesn’t work anymore. Despite the lofty rhetoric of world organizations, the huge issues of poverty; ethnic, social and gender inequality; abuse of human rights; massive environmental degradation and global warming; unsustainable resource depletion; illiteracy and lack of access to education; woefully inadequate health care; and conflicts continue to plague the world in undiminished ways. Human suffering and ecological damage have reached unprecedented and terrifying levels. This is the world that our children will inherit from us.

We are mostly oblivious to our predicament - we live in a culture where so much is distorted, caught in the shadowlands of ego and greed. Never in the history of humanity has a person been more disconnected from another person. We are fed endless desires, manipulated by advertising and the media, no longer knowing what to trust. We have almost forgotten that life is sacred.

At such a time it is especially important to return to what is essential and true, what cannot be bought or sold. Simple acts of loving kindness, an open heart that listens, hands that care — with a friend, a stranger, with someone in need — this is the hallmark of a human being. These are the true currencies of our shared humanity, which easily break through barriers and remind us of a unity deeper than our surface divisions.


Principles of receptivity, relatedness, interconnection and listening must once again be restored to humanity. This is the need and challenge of our age.


Our present crisis is calling to us and it is for each one of us to respond. This crisis is not a problem to be solved, because the world is not a problem but a living being in a state of dangerous imbalance and deep distress. The crisis we face now is dire, but it is also a great opportunity for humanity to take responsibility for the wonder and mystery of this living, sacred world. We urgently need a new story, a new way to live, based upon our shared human values, our interdependence and unity.

Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि)


: an awake state of being

Bodhi Systems is a conscious response for our times.


Educators, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and artists have come together to realise a vision of life and being that is relevant for our times. Over the years these collaborations have risen out of a need to do something.

Human fulfilment, happiness, creativity, satisfaction, harmonious relationship with nature — these are the goals of Bodhi Systems.


Technology is a very powerful enabler and we leverage it to solve community-oriented challenges.


Bodhi Systems seeks harmony with nature in all it's acts, it seeks the restoration and a modern interpretation of traditional knowledge and wisdom, it seeks renewed expression of arts and culture, it places places paramount importance on human connection, above all - it seeks beauty and aesthetics in all it's forms, it seeks deep roots and yearns for the stars.