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We work with people and communities.



Bodhi Systems is leading an initiative to deliver a student-centric personalized learning platform based on competency-based education framework.

Competency education is expanding across the world under a variety of different terms, including competency-based, mastery-based, proficiency-based, and performance-based. Educators are turning to competency education as they realize that traditional systems of education does not work for many students – and never for all students.



Bodhi Systems offers seamless transition from traditional publishing to digital publishing. Our software assets have impeccable reputation in the international publishing arena serving large trade publishers, academic publishers and individual authors alike.

Our expertise include multilingual digital conversions from print books to free-flowing and fixed-formats of Kindle and EPUB editions, publishing integration, ebooks distribution and warehousing and white label retail ebookstore built around Adobe Content Server's fulfilment with DRM security.

Our mission is an 'inclusive quality learning' and 'books for all' using our publishing vertical.



Bodhi Systems' offering DhanMitra is a platform that brings financial services such as micro-credit, savings and mobile payments to disadvantaged and low-income sections of society.

The stark reality is that most poor people in the world still lack access to sustainable financial services, whether it is savings, credit or insurance. India is home to 22 per cent of the world’s poor. Such a high incidence of poverty is a matter of concern in view of the fact that poverty alleviation has been one of the major objectives in the 21st century. Financial inclusion can serve the purpose to a greater extent.