bodhi systems

Technology for Humanity.


Bodhi Systems is a social enterprise that leverages technology and applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.

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Bodhi Systems offers seamless transition from traditional publishing to digital publishing. Our software assets have impeccable reputation in the international publishing arena serving large trade publishers, academic publishers and individual authors alike.

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Bodhi Systems is leading an initiative to deliver a student-centric personalized learning platform based on competency-based education framework.

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Bodhi Systems' offering DhanMitra is a platform that brings financial services such as micro-credit, savings, mobile payments, to disadvantaged and low-income sections of society.


full cycle services


Bodhi Systems helps community oriented initiatives and corporations develop solutions to address their complex and unique challenges. We work with you to design, develop and execute performance roadmaps by combining creative thinking and technology experience.


Products & Platforms

Simple, convenient and empowering software.



TOK is a learning management system that delivers Competency Based Education and enables Personalised Learning for K12 students.

  • Comprehensive Learning Management System
  • Competency Based Education
  • Personalized Learning
  • Student Progression


DhanMitra is a platform for financial inclusion and provides access to financial services to weakened sections of society.

  • Comprehensive platform for financial inclusion
  • Mobile Money Integration
  • Front-facing Mobile Apps
  • Financial Literacy Programs

epub now

Epubnow is an e-publishing automated platform that is based on a single-source multi-format publishing paradigm. It allows future-proofing of valuable literary and academic content and resources and makes them reusable, revised and republished with ease and efficiency. The platform allows production of digital editions in multiple formats simultaneously with in-built quality validation.


  • Single-Source Multi-Format Publishing
  • Free-flowing and Fixed Formats of eBooks
  • Digital Talking Books and NIMAS for the visually disabled
  • Robust XML workflows